Evan Joseph is a New York City based music composer, producer and sound designer. His music spans across many genres, mediums and styles ranging from classical music to pop and film music. Here you will find samples of his musical works as well as contact information.


September 2014

The trailer for Stratosphere is here! Have a look on facebook and make sure to give it a like! I'm excited to start work on the musical score and sound design! 

Also, check out some pictures of my studio space below! 

June 2014

Check out the new website and facebook page for Stratosphere below!

April 2014


Evan Joseph will be providing the musical score for the feature film Stratosphere! The film is being produced by Victor Young for Media & Management Global and is directed by Erica Sutherlin. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting project!

March 2014


Be on the look out for the feature film Mr.Engagement coming to DVD in the next few months! Evan Joseph provided the musical score as well as post-production sound for the film. You can find more information on the film by clicking on the link below.


New Studio Space! Check out some of the photos on the home page.


Email: Evan@EvanJosephMusic.com


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